Hi. My name is Chris Matts. I’m a programme manager/project manager/business analyst who specialises in delivering trading and risk management systems in investment banks.

My goal is to deliver business value. I achieve this by managing the risks on a project. I focus on optimising the time to delivery rather than minimising the costs. From my experience, minimising costs leads to increased costs.

I was involved in BDD in the early days. Dan North and I developed the “GIVEN-WHEN-THEN” template together. Since then I’ve been working on Feature Injection. Whilst BDD provides a neat interface between the business and the development team, Feature Injection helps the business prepare a comprehensive set of examples to feed the BDD machine.

Whilst looking to price the option that exist naturally in an Agile development process I tripped over Real Options.

I can be reached at chris dot matts at gmail dot com

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