The Real Option Resource

This page links to articles and web-sites of interest to those interested in learning about real options.

1. The Comic Book!

Chris’s favourite suggestion to learn about real options is the comic book he drew on my commute to work in 2009. It was given away free in the bag at Agile2009. The link gives you access to the free pdf but its recommended you get a hard copy which is much easier to read.

The choice of comic book is not accidental. They provide a better form for delivering learning. First, they are visual. Second, they allow the reader to observe the conversation rather than put the reader into the conversation. Unlike prose where the writer assumes the “Voice of God”, a character is allowed to express doubt and explain an idea in a number of ways without sounding patronising. A play could be used but it is harder to follow which character is talking.

2. The IT Risk Manager Web Site.

This is where articles on risk (applied real options) are published.

3. The Real Options Web-Site.

This is where Olav Maassen and I publish our more theoretical article related to real options.

4. Presentations and Podcast.

This is a collection of presentations and a podcast introducing real options.

Intro to Real Options Yves Hanoulle & Jürgen Desmet

5. Articles.

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