Business Analysis is a risk management tool.

There seem to be some people around who do not see the value of business analysis. They see business analysts as order takers who simply write down what the business need. The IT equivalent of a waiter.

Business Analysts perform an important risk management role for the business investor. They help the investor understand the implication of the investment before the investor commits to an expensive development phase.

As a business analyst, my view has been that the business analyst adds most value by killing requirements that add no value. A good business analyst is one that helps the business build what they need. An excellent business analyst helps the business realise that they need to kill what they thought they want but do not actually need.

In addition, the business analyst can help the business understand what is actually required to deliver the value they need. Most often the requirement is presented in the form of a “Half-ar*ed solution”. The business analyst can facilitate the discussion with the business to identify the business value. Then they can facilitate the discovery of the capabilities that need to be build to deliver the value. If the cost of delivering the capabilities is greater than the potential value, then the business investor can chose to do the work “later”.

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