Using your keys to pull the door shut.

Last week I was lucky to spend a few days at #ALE2011.

Whilst there, Olaf Lewitz shared a trick he has to close the front door of his house. He follows this process. Open door, Put the keys in the lock, Pull the door closed using the key and Lock the door.

Whenever you pull a door shut behind you, you are making a commitment. If you want to pass back through the door you need an option (key) to get back in. Whenever you pull the door shut, there is the risk you have left your keys inside. Olaf’s process addresses the risk of pulling the door closed whilst your keys are inside.

This simple pattern could be used on adjust (IT) processes to achieve the same effect.

<cheeky>If you implement the pattern, be careful the Lean Tool Heads do not optimise them to remove the waste (or what we call risk management)</cheeky>.

Update: Thank you to Laurent Bossavit for pointing out the “Berlin Key” which enforces this process.

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