QCon New York

Just finished the initial draft of slides for my presentation at QCon New York. Will be tweaking, adding and pruning over the next few weeks as I remove content and hope to add humour.

Amr Elssamadisy asked me to put together a track on the “Agile Individual”. I did what any sane person would do and invited the people I want to hear speak. The only constraint was they had to talk about Agile Individuals.

Mike Hill is a legend from the early days of XP. He will be talking about how individuals make amazing teams. If he does not offend, then he will have to try harder. Mike Roberts is just super super smart. He will be bustin’ and bruisin’ some Agile processes in the hope that the focus will be on individuals instead. Matt Wynne did a hilarious talk at Cukeup last year. The additional constraint I placed on him was that his talk had to be just as funny. If not, I’ll banish him to a cave in Scotland. I’ll be talking about Learning… and how to do it the lazy way. Sue McKinney will be on Late ( a private joke ) talking about the Executive view of the individual in Agile.

All will be excellent presentations except mine which currently has four hours of material that I hope to squeeze into 45 minutes.

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Currently an “engineering performance coach” because “transformation” and “Agile” are now toxic. In the past, “Transformation lead”, “Agile Coach”, “Programme Manager”, “Project Manager”, “Business Analyst”, and “Developer”. Did some stuff with the Agile Community. Put the “Given” into “Given-When-Then”. Discovered “Real Options” View all posts by theitriskmanager

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