“Left Shifting” a culture.

Yesterday, Richard Warner and I ran a session at Cukeup. The session included a “Left Shifting” exercise. This exercise was based on the Seeing Culture post.

I explained that I had recorded the different behaviours I had observed in an “Innovation” (or Risk Managed) culture, and the corresponding behaviours I had observed in a “Traditional” (or Risk Averse) culture. Richard and I then ran the exercise:

  1. Each group was given a cut down set of the behaviours listed in the seeing culture post.
  2. Each group selects a behaviour pair.
  3. The group then discusses what they could do to shift the culture from the behaviour on right to the behaviour on the left, or “Left Shifting”.

Examples so far discussed.

  • Count the number of times people praise “Hero” or “Dragonslayer” behaviour versus collaborative behaviour.
  • Create a game where you exchange a risk card for an option card every time you transfer a risk to someone else.
  • Publish how much has been invested based on hypothesis testing versus hippos.

Please leave other examples of things you could do as comments, and examples of behaviour pairs as comments on the Seeing Culture post.

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